Kingdom of Bohemia


Kingdom of Bohemia


Lands of the Bohemian Crown




March of Moravia


Duchy of Silesia


Duchy of Teschen


County of Upper Lusatia


County of Lower Lusatia

Dukes of Bohemia

Premyslid Dynasty
(c.870–1085, 1092–1158, and 1172–1198)

  • Borivoj I, (c.852–c.889), Duke of Bohemia (870–889) and founder of the Premyslid dynasty.

Dukes of Bohemia

Kings of Bohemia

Premyslid Dynasty
(1085–1092, 1158–1172, and 1198–1306).

  • Ottokar I, (c. 1155-1230), King of Bohemia (1198–1230)
  • Wenceslaus II Premyslid, (1271- 1305), King of Bohemia (1278-1305), Duke of Cracow (1291-1305) and King of Poland (1300 - 1305).
  • Wenceslaus III Premyslid, (1289-1306), King of Hungary (1301-1305), King of Bohemia (1305-1306) and King of Poland (1305-1306). The last of the male Premyslid rulers of Bohemia.


Early Kings of Bohemia


Kings of Bohemia after 1192

Non-dynastic (1306-1310)

  • Henry VI of Carinthia, (Jindrich Korutanský), (1265-1335), Count of Tyrol and Duke of Carinthia and Carniola from 1295 until 1335 and King of Bohemia in 1306 and again from 1307 until 1310.
  • Rudolf I of Habsburg, (Rudolf I. Habsburský) (1218-1307), King of Bohemia (1306–1307), (as Rudolph III), and titular King of Poland 1306–1307.


Henry VI of Carinthia


Rudolf I of Habsburg

Luxemburg Dynasty


  • John the Blind, (Jan Lucemburský) ( 1296-1346),Count of Luxembourg from 1309 and King of Bohemia from 1310.
  • Charles IV, (Karel IV) (1316-1378), King of Bohemia and Holy Roman Emperor.
  • Wenceslaus IV, (Václav IV) (1361-1419), King of the Romans from 1376, King of Bohemia.
  • Sigismund, ( Zikmund) (1368-1437), Holy Roman Emperor from 1433 until 1437, King of Hungary from 1387 to 1437. King of Bohemia from 1419, of Lombardia from 1431, and of Germany from 1411.


John the Blind, Charles IV and Wenceslaus IV



Habsburg Dynasty
(1437–1439, 1453–1457)

  • Albert II of Habsburg, (Albrecht Habsburský) (1397-1439), King of Germany from 1438. King of Bohemia, King of Hungary, as Albrecht, Duke of Luxembourg and, as Albert V, Archduke of Austria from 1404.
  • Ladislas V, (Ladislav Pohrobek) (Ladislaus the Posthumous) (1440-1457), King of Bohemia from 1453 and King of Hungary and Croatia as Ladislaus IV.

Albert II of Habsburg and Ladislas V


  • George of Kunštát and Podebrady, (Jirí z Podebrad) (1420-1471), King of Bohemia from 1458.
  • Matthias I, (Matyáš Korvín) (1443-1490), King of Hungary from 1458 and King of Bohemia from 1471.

George of Kunštát and Podebrady


Matthias I

Jagiellonian Dynasty

  • Vladislas II, (Vladislav Jagellonský) (1456-1516), King of Bohemia from 1471 (although not crowned until 1490) and King of Hungary from 1490.
  • Louis II, ( Ludvík (I.) Jagellonský) ( 1506- 1526), King of Hungary and King of Bohemia from 1516.

Vladislas II


Louis II

Habsburg Dynasty

  • Ferdinand I, (1503-1564), Holy Roman Emperor from 1558, King of Bohemia and Hungary from 1526.
  • Maximilian II,(Maximilián) (1527-1576), King of Bohemia from 1562, King of Hungary from 1563, Holy Roman Emperor from 1564.
  • Rudolf II, (1552-1612), Holy Roman Emperor as Rudolf II (1576-1612), King of Hungary as Rudolf (1572-1608), King of Bohemia as Rudolf II (1575-1608/1611) and Archduke of Austria as Rudolf V (1576-1608).
  • Matthias,( Matyáš) (1557- 1619), Holy Roman Emperor (1612-1619), King of Hungary (1608-1619) (as Matthias II), King of Bohemia (1611-1619).
  • Ferdinand II, (1578-1637), Holy Roman Emperor (1619-1637), King of Bohemia (1617-1619, 1620-1637), King of Hungary (1618-1625).
  • *Frederick V, (Fridrich Falcký) (1596-1632), Elector Palatine from1610 to 1623, and, as Frederick I, King of Bohemia from 1619 to 1620, for his short reign here often nicknamed the Winter King (Zimní král).
  • Ferdinand III, (1608-1657), Holy Roman Emperor (1637–1657). King of Hungary, King of Bohemia, Archduke of Austria, King of the Romans.
  • Ferdinand IV, (1633- 1654), King of the Romans (1653-1654), King of Hungary (1647-1654), and King of Bohemia (1646-1654).
  • Leopold I, (1640-1705), Holy Roman Emperor, King of Hungary, King of Bohemia (1657-1705).
  • Joseph I, ( Josef I) (1678-1711), Holy Roman Emperor, King of Bohemia, King of Hungary.
  • Charles VI, (Karel VI) 1685-1740), Holy Roman Emperor, King of Bohemia, King of Hungary.
  • *Charles VII Albert, (Karel Albrecht Bavorský) (1697-1745), Prince-elector of Bavaria from 1726 and Holy Roman Emperor from 1742. Antiking to Maria Theresa from 1741 to1743.
  • Maria Theresa, ( Marie Terezie),(1717-1780), Queen of Hungary, Croatia, Bohemia, Lodomeria and Galicia.

Also see House of Habsburg for further arms.
* Anti-Kings

Habsburg-Lorraine Dynasty

  • Joseph II, (Josef II) (1741-1790), Holy Roman Emperor from 1765 and King of Bohemia, King of Hungary from 1780.
  • Leopold II, (1747-1792), Holy Roman Emperor, King of Bohemia, King of from 1790.
  • Francis II, (František II) (1768-1835), the last Holy Roman Emperor from 1792 to 1806 and the first Emperor of Austria from 1804 to 1835.
  • Ferdinand I, (1793-1875), Emperor of Austria, King of Hungary from 1835 to 1848.
  • Franz Joseph I, (František Josef I) (1830-1916), Emperor of Austria and King of Bohemia from 1848 to 1916 and King of Hungary from 1867 to 1916.
  • Charles I,(Karel I) ( 1887- 1922), The last Emperor of Austria, the last King of Hungary and Bohemia.

See House of Habsburg-Lorraine for personal arms.


Kingdom of Bohemia from mid 18th Century


Kingdom of Bohemia from 1867