Monarchs of Aragon

House of Aragon, 1035–1410

  • Ramiro I (before - 1063), First King of Aragon, natural son of Sancho III of Navarre.
  • Alfonso II (1157–1196), King of Aragon and Count of Barcelona from 1162 and Count of Provence from 1167-1173.
  • James II (d. 1311) was King of Majorca and Lord of Montpellier from 1243. Line extinct 1403.
  • James, 18th Count of Urgell, Prince of Aragon (1321–1347) was the 4th son of Alfonso IV, King of Aragon and Teresa Entenca y Cabrera, 17th Countess of Urgell. Line extinct 1413.

House of Trastámara, 1412–1516

  • Ferdinand I (1380 –1416), King of Aragon, Valencia, Majorca, Sardinia and Corsica and King of Sicily, Duke of Athens and Neopatria, and Count of Barcelona, Roussillon and Cerdanya (1412-1416). Regent of Castile (1406-1416). Founder of the Order of the Jar in 1403.
  • Henry of Aragon (c. 1400-1445), Duke of Villena, Count of Alburquerque and Empuries, Lord of Sogorb, and Grand Master of the Military Order of Santiago, Ancestor of the Dukes of Segorbia.
  • Ferdinand I (1423 –1494), King of Naples,natural son of Alfonso V of Aragon. Line extinct 1559. See Naples.
  • Ferdinand II, the Catholic (1452 –1516) , King of Aragon (1479–1516), Sicily (1468–1516), Naples (1504–1516), Valencia, Sardinia and , Count of Barcelona, King consort of Castile (1474-1504) and then Regent from 1508. Last of the independent kings of Aragon and last male of this line. See Early Spain.