Jacobite Peerage

The Jacobite Peerage

Dukes in the peerage of England

  • Duke of Powis and Marquess of Montgomery(1689-1745), Marquess of Powis and Viscount Montgomery (1687), (1629).Herbert.
  • Duke of Albemarle, Earl of Rochford and Baron Romney (1696-1702). FitzJames.
  • Duke of Northumberland, Marquess of Woburn, Earl of Malmesbury,Viscount Winchendon (1716-1731), Duke of Wharton (1718),Marquess of Wharton, Marquess of Malmesbury, Marquess of Catherlough, Earl of Rathfarnham, Baron Trim (1715), Baron Wharton (1544). Wharton.
  • Duke of Albemarle, Marquess Monck and Fitzhemmon, Earl of Bath, Viscount Bevil, and Baron Lansdown of Bideford(1722-1735), Baron Lansdowne (1712). Granville.
  • Duke of Arran (1722-1758), Earl of Arran, Baron Butler (1693), Duke of Ormonde (1661), Butler.
  • Duke of Strafford (1722-1799), Earl of Strafford, Viscount Wentworth (1711), Baron Raby (1640). Wentworth.
  • Duke of York (1725-1783), Stuart.

Marquesses in the peerage of England

  • Marquess of Trelissick (1715). Paynter.

Earls in the peerage of England

  • Earl of Dover, Viscount Cheveley, , Baron Ipswich, Baron Jermyn of Royston (1689-1708), Baron Dover (1685), Baron Jermyn (1643). Jermyn.
  • Earl of Portland,(1690-1698). Herbert.
  • Earl of Tenterden, Viscount Tunstall, Baron Hales of Emley (1692-1829). Hales of Woodchurch and Tunstall ( Baronets 1626). Hales.
  • Earl of Monmouth, Viscount Clermont(1701-1747), Earl of Middleton, Lord Clermont and Fettercairn (1656). Middleton.
  • Earl of Macclesfield, (1716-1841). Dorrington
  • Earl of Jersey, Viscount Dartford(1716), Earl of the Island of Jersey, Viscount Villiers, Baron Villiers (1697). Villiers.
  • Earl of Bolingbroke, (1716-1751),Viscount Bolingbroke (1712). St John
  • Earl North, (1721-1734), Baron North of Kirleton (1554), Baron Grey de Rolleston (1673). North. Earl of Falkland, (1722), Viscount of Falkland, Lord Cary (1620). Cary.
  • Earl of Westminster, (1759), Lord Elibank (1643). Murray.