House of Alington

Barons Alington of Killard in the Peerage of Ireland (1642–1723)

Barons Alington of Wymondley in the Peerage of England (1682–1691)


Barons Alington of Killard and Wymondley

  • William Alington, 1st Baron Alington of Killard (died 1648)
  • Giles Alington, 2nd Baron Alington of Killard (died 1659)
  • William Alington, 3rd Baron Alington of Killard, 1st Baron Alington of Wymondley (died 1684)
  • Giles Alington, 4th Baron Alington of Killard, 2nd Baron Alington of Wymondley (1680–1691)
  • Hildebrand Alington, 5th Baron Alington of Killard (1641–1723)


Barons Alington of Crichel in the Peerage of the United Kingdom (1876)


 Barons Alington of Crichel

  • Henry Gerard Sturt, 1st Baron Alington (1825–1904) great-grandson of Humphrey Sturt by his wife Diana, daughter of Sir Nathaniel Napier, 3rd Baronet, and the Honourable Catherine, daughter of the 3rd Baron Alington of Killard.
  • Humphrey Napier Sturt, 2nd Baron Alington (1859–1919)
  • Napier George Henry Sturt, 3rd Baron Alington (1896–1940)


Napier of Middle Marsh in the Baronetage of England (1641)


Napier of Middle Marsh

  • Sir Gerrard Napier, 1st Baronet (1606–1673)
  • Sir Nathaniel Napier, 2nd Baronet (c. 1636–1709)
  • Sir Nathaniel Napier, 3rd Baronet (c. 1668–1728)
  • Sir William Napier, 4th Baronet (c. 1696–1753)
  • Sir Gerrard Napier, 5th Baronet (c. 1701–1759)
  • Sir Gerrard Napier, 6th Baronet (c. 1740–1765)