House of Fitzjames

Descendants of James II and VII


James FitzJames, (1670–1734) 1st Duke of Berwick

Children of James II & VII (1633-1701) and Arabella Churchill (1648-1730)

  • Henrietta FitzJames, (1667- 1730), married Henry Waldegrave, 1st Baron Waldegrave.
  • James FitzJames, (1670-1734) 1st Duke of Berwick. see below
  • Henry FitzJames, (1673-1702) 1st Duke of Albemarle, Earl of Rochford and Baron Romney in the Jacobite Peerage.
  • Arabella FitzJames, (1674- 1704),became a nun.

House of FitzJames

Dukes of Berwick (1687–1695)
Titular Dukes of Berwick (1695)

  • James FitzJames, (1670–1734) 1st Duke of Berwick, Earl of Tinmouth and Baron of Bosworth KG. Also Duc de Fitz-James in the Peerage of France, and Duque de Liria y Xérica and Lieutenant of Aragon by Philip V of Spain. Knight of the Golden Fleece.
  • James Francis Fitz-James Stuart, (1696-1738) 2nd Duke of Berwick, Knight of the Golden Fleece. Maréchal de France
  • James Francis Edward Fitz-James Stuart y Ventura Colón de Portugal, (1718-1785) 3er. Duque de Berwick married Maria Teresa de Silva y Alvarez de Toledo (1716 1790), daughter of Manuel Maria de Silva y Mendoza, 9th Conde de Galve, 7th son of the 5th Duke of Pastrana and Estremera and of Maria Teresa Alvarez de Toledo, (1691-1755), 11th Duquesa de Alba de Tormes, 8th duquesa de Huéscar, 4th Duquesa de Montoro, 6th Duquesa de Olivares, 7th Duquesa de Galisteo,Grandee of Spain.
  • Carlos Fernando Fitz-James Stuart y Silva Álvarez de Toledo, (1752-1787) 4º Duque de Berwick.
  • Jacobo Felipe Carlos Fitz-James Stuart y Stolberg-Gedern, (1773-1794) 5º Duque de Berwick.
  • Carlos Miguel Fitz-James Stuart y Fernández de Híjar-Silva, (1794-1835) 7º Duque de Berwick.
  • Jacobo Luís Francisco Fitz-James Stuart y Ventimiglia, (1821-1881) 8º Duque de Berwick.
  • Carlos María Isabel Fitz-James Stuart y Portocarrero Palafox, (1849-1901) 9º Duque de Berwick.
  • Jacobo María del Pilar Carlos Manuel Fitz-James Stuart y Falcó, (1878-1953)10º Duque de Berwick.
  • Fernando Alfonso Fitz-James Stuart y Saavedra, (1922-1971) 11º Duque de Berwick.
  • Jacobo Hernando Fitz-James Stuart y Gómez, (b. 1947) 12º Duque de Berwick.

Duc de FitzJames (1710-1967)

  • Jacques Fitz-James (1670-1734), 1er duc de Fitz-James, maréchal de France.
  • Henry James de Fitz-James (1700-1721), 2e duc de Fitz-James.
  • Charles de Fitz-James (1712-1787), 3e duc de Fitz-James, maréchal de France.
  • Jacques Charles de Fitz-James (1743-1805), 4e duc de Fitz-James.
  • Edouard_de_Fitz-James (1776-1838), 5e duc de Fitz-James.
  • Jacques Marie Emanuel de Fitz-James (1803-1846), 6e duc de Fitz-James.
  • Edouard Antoine Sidoine de Fitz-James (1828-1906), 7e duc de Fitz-James.
  • Jacques Gustave Sidoine de Fitz-James (1852-1944), 8e duc de Fitz-James.
  • Jacques de Fitzjames (1886-1967), 9e duc de Fitz-James.

Children of James II & VII (1633-1701) and Catherine Sedley, Countess of Dorchester, Baroness of Darlington in her own right Countess of Portmore (c. 1657- 1717)

  • Lady Catherine Darnley (1681-1743), married firstly James Annesley, (1670-1702), 3rd Earl of Anglesey
  • Lady Catherine Annesley (1700-1736):
  1. Married William Phipps (1698-1729) and was ancestress of the Barons Mulgrave (1767), Earls of Mulgrave (1812) and Marquesses of Normanby (1838). When created peers they used the supporters originally granted to Lady Catherine Darnley by James II and VII.
  2. Married secondly John Sheffield, (1647-1721) 1st Duke of Buckingham and Normanby, 3rd Earl of Mulgrave KG
  • Edmund Sheffield, (1716-1735) 2nd Duke of Buckingham and Normanby dsp