House of Fitzroy

Children of Charles II (1630-1685) and Barbara Villiers Palmer (1641–1709), wife of Roger Palmer, 1st Earl of Castlemaine created Duchess of Cleveland in her own right


1st Duchess of Cleveland

Earl of Castlemaine in the Peerage of Ireland (1661-1705)


1st Earl of Castlemaine

  • Roger Palmer, (1634-1705), 1st Earl of Castlemaine, Baron Limerick. The Earldom was created with limitation to his male heirs by his wife Barbara Villiers only.
  • Anne Palmer (Fitzroy) (1661–1722), Countess of Sussex, married Thomas Lennard, 1st Earl of Sussex.
  • Charles Fitzroy (1662–1730) created Duke of Southampton (1675), became 2nd Duke of Cleveland on his mother's death.
  • Henry Fitzroy (1663–1690), created Earl of Euston (1672), Duke of Grafton (1675),
  • Charlotte Fitzroy (1664–1717). She married Edward Lee, 1st Earl of Lichfield.
  • George Fitzroy (1665–1716), created Earl of Northumberland (1674), Duke of Northumberland (1678).
  • Barbara (Benedicta) Fitzroy (1672–1737).

Dukes of Cleveland in the Peerage of England (1670-1774)
Dukes of Southampton in the Peerage of England (1675-1774)


Dukes of Southampton and Cleveland

  • Barbara Palmer, (1641–1709) 1st Duchess of Cleveland, Countess of Southampton, Baroness Nonsuch.
  • Charles FitzRoy,(1662–1730) 2nd Duke of Cleveland, 1st Duke of Southampton, Earl of Chichester and Baron Newbury KG.
  • William FitzRoy, (1698–1774) 3rd Duke of Cleveland, 2nd Duke of Southampton.

Dukes of Cleveland in the Peerage the United Kingdom (1833-1891)


Dukes of Cleveland

Dukes of Grafton in the Peerage of England (1675)


Dukes of Grafton

  • Henry FitzRoy, (1663–1690) 1st Duke of Grafton, Earl of Euston, Viscount Ipswich, and Baron Sudbury KG. Married Isabella Bennet, 2nd Countess of Arlington (c. 1668–1723).


2nd Duke of Grafton and 3rd Earl of Arlington KG

  • Charles FitzRoy, (1683–1757) 2nd Duke of Grafton, 3rd Earl of Arlington KG.
  • Augustus Henry FitzRoy, (1735–1811) 3rd Duke of Grafton, 4th Earl of Arlington KG.
  • George Henry FitzRoy, (1760–1844) 4th Duke of Grafton, 5th Earl of Arlington KG.
  • Henry FitzRoy, (1790–1863) 5th Duke of Grafton, 6th Earl of Arlington.
  • William Henry FitzRoy, (1819–1882) 6th Duke of Grafton, 7th Earl of Arlington.
  • Augustus Charles Lennox FitzRoy, (1821–1918) 7th Duke of Grafton, 8th Earl of Arlington KG.
  • Alfred William Maitland FitzRoy, (1850–1930) 8th Duke of Grafton, 9th Earl of Arlington.
  • John Charles William FitzRoy, (1914–1936) 9th Duke of Grafton, 10th Earl of Arlington. On his death the two Baronies of Arlington. the Viscountcy of Thetford and the Earldom of Arlington fell into abeyance between his two sisters.
  • Charles Alfred Euston FitzRoy, (1892–1970) 10th Duke of Grafton.
  • Hugh Denis Charles FitzRoy, (b. 1919) 11th Duke of Grafton.

Barons Arlington in the Peerage of England (1664)


1st Earl of Arlington KG

  • Henry Bennet, (1618-1685), 1st Earl of Arlington, Viscount Thetford, Baron Arlington KG. Barony Arlington of Arlington created with remainder, failing his issue male, to the heirs of his body. Barony Arlington of Arlington, Viscount Thetford of Thetford, and Earl of Arlington, created with a similar remainder, and in default of heirs of his body, to his brother Sir John Bennet (later 1st Baron Ossulston) and the heirs male of his body.
  • Isabella FitzRoy, (c. 1668–1723), Duchess of Grafton, 2nd Countess of Arlington.

See above until 1936.

  • Jennifer Jane Forwood, (b. 1939) 11th Baroness Arlington. (abeyance terminated 1999) granddaughter of 8th Duke of Grafton. The 1664 Barony of Arlington of Arlington only was terminated in her favour.

Barons Southampton in the Peerage of Great Britain (1780)


Barons Southampton

  • Charles FitzRoy, (1737–1797) 1st Baron Southampton, He was the third son of Lord Augustus FitzRoy, second son of Charles FitzRoy, 2nd Duke of Grafton.
  • George Ferdinand FitzRoy, (1761–1810) 2nd Baron Southampton.
  • Charles FitzRoy, (1804–1872) 3rd Baron Southampton.
  • Charles Henry FitzRoy, (1867–1958) 4th Baron Southampton.
  • Charles FitzRoy, (1904–1989) 5th Baron Southampton (disclaimed 1964)
  • Charles James FitzRoy, (b. 1928) 6th Baron Southampton.

Viscounts Daventry in the Peerage of the United Kingdom (1943)


3rd and 4th Viscounts Daventry

  • Muriel FitzRoy, (née Douglas-Pennant) (1869–1962) 1st Viscountess Daventry. Viscountcy created in honour of her late husband, the Hon. Edward FitzRoy, the second son of Charles FitzRoy, 3rd Baron Southampton.
  • Oliver FitzRoy, (1893–1986) 2nd Viscount Daventry.
  • Francis Humphrey Maurice FitzRoy Newdegate, (1921–2000) 3rd Viscount Daventry.
  • James Edward FitzRoy Newdegate, (b. 1960) 4th Viscount Daventry.

Duke of Northumberland in the Peerage of England (1683-1716)


1st Duke of Northumberland

  • George FitzRoy, (1665–1716) 1st Duke of Northumberland, Viscount Falmouth and Baron of Pontefract KG.