House of Granville

Earls of Bath in the Peerage of England (1661-1711)

Counts of The Holy Roman Empire (1684-1711)


1st Earl of Bath

  • John Granville, 1st Earl of Bath, Viscount Granville of Lansdown and Baron Granville of Kilkhampton and Bideford (1628–1701)

2nd Earl of Bath

  • Charles Granville, 2nd Earl of Bath. 2nd Baron Granville of Bideford (1661–1701) Count of the Holy Roman Empire in 1684. Summoned to Parliament in his father's Barony of Granville in 1689.
  • William Henry Granville, 3rd Earl of Bath (1692–1711)

Earls Granville in the Peerage of Great Britain, first creation (1715–1776)


1st Countess Granville

  • Grace Carteret nee Granville, 1st Countess Granville and Viscountess Carteret in her own right (1667–1744), daughter of 1st Earl of Bath married Sir George Carteret, 2nd Baronet, 1st Baron Carteret (1669–1695) Created Viscountess Carteret, with remainder to the heirs male of her body failing which to her husband's brother, Edward Carteret, and Countess Granville, with remainder to the heirs male of her body only. See House of Carteret for further Earls.

Baron Granville of Potheridge in the Peerage of England (1702-1707)


Baron Granville of Potheridge

  • John Granville, 1st BaronGranville of Potheridge (d.1707), second son of 1st Earl of Bath.

Baron Lansdowne of Bideford in the Peerage of Great Britain (1712-1734)


Baron Lansdowne

  • George Granville, 1st Baron Lansdowne (1666 – 1735) nephew of 1st Earl of Bath. 1st Duke of Albemarle, Marquess Monck and Fitzhemmon, Earl of Bath, Viscount Bevil and Baron Lansdown of Bideford in the Jacobite Peerage in 1722.