House of Vane

Barons Barnard of Barnard Castle in the Peerage of England (1698)

Earls of Darlington in the Peerage of Great Britain (1754-1891)

Marquess of Cleveland in the Peerage of the United Kingdom (1827-1891)

Dukes of Cleveland in the Peerage of the United Kingdom (1833-1891)

 Younger Branch of the House of Fane/Vane:


Baron Barnard


Earls of Darlington

  • Henry Vane, 1st Earl of Darlington, Viscount Barnard, 3rd Baron Barnard (c. 1705–1758)
  • Henry Vane, 2nd Earl of Darlington, 4th Baron Barnard (1726–1792)


1st Duke of Cleveland


3rd and 4th Dukes of Cleveland

  • William John Frederick Vane then Powlett, then again Vane, 3rd Duke of Cleveland, 7th Baron Barnard (1792–1864) assumed the name Powlett, after inheriting the estate of his maternal grandmother, the Dowager Duchess of Bolton, under the terms of her will, by Royal Licence in 1813 and  resumed the surname of Vane shortly after succeeding to the Dukedom in 1864.
  • Harry George Vane then Powlett, 4th Duke of Cleveland, 8th Baron Barnard (1803–1891) he adopted by Royal Licence the surname of Powlett in lieu of that of Vane, in accordance with the will of his maternal grandmother, the Duchess of Bolton in 1864.
  • Henry de Vere Vane, 9th Baron Barnard (1854–1918) great-great-grandson of Hon. Morgan Vane, younger son of 2nd Baron Barnard.
  • Christopher William Vane, 10th Baron Barnard (1888–1964)
  • (Harry) John Neville Vane, 11th Baron Barnard (1923–2016)
  • Henry Francis Cecil Vane, 12th Baron Barnard (b. 1959)

 Viscounts Vane in the Peerage of Ireland (1720-1789)


 Viscounts Vane

  • William Vane, 1st Viscount Vane, Baron Vane (1682–1734) younger son of the 1st Baron Barnard.
  • William Holles Vane, 2nd Viscount Vane (1714–1789)

Barons Inglewood (1964)


Barons Inglewood

  • William Fletcher-Vane, 1st Baron Inglewood (1909–1989) grandson of 9th Baron Barnard.
  • Richard Fletcher-Vane, 2nd Baron Inglewood (b. 1951)