House of Odescalchi


Pope Innocent XI (1611 – 1689)

  • The Blessed Pope Innocent XI (1611 – 1689), born Benedetto Odescalchi

Duke of Ceri


Prince of the Holy Roman Empire


Duke of Sirmium


Duke of Bracciano



Prince Livio Odescalchi (1652 - 1713)

  • Prince Livio Odescalchi (1652 - 1713) Duke of Ceri, Duke of of Bracciano and Sirmium, Grandee of Spain, son of Carlo Odescalchi (1607-1673) and nephew of Pope Innocent XI. Candidate for the throne of Poland.


Alessandro Erba (1599 – 1670)

  • Alessandro Erba (1599 – 1670) Married Lucrezia Odescalchi (b.1605) sister of Pope Innocent XI. Innocent adopted her children to ensure the continuation of the name.

Marquesses of Mondonico


Princes of Monteleone



Antonio Maria Erba Odescalchi (1624-1694) I Marquess of Mondonico

  • Antonio Maria Erba Odescalchi (1624-1694) I Marquess of Mondonico, son of  Alessandro Erba and Lucrezia Odescalchi. Married Teresa Turconi (1657-1733).
  • Alessandro Erba Odescalchi (1677-1757) II Marquess of Mondonico

Luigi Erba Odescalchi (1716-1788) III Marquess of Mondonico, ex uxor I Prince of Monteleone

  • Luigi Erba Odescalchi (1716-1788) III Marquess of Mondonico, ex uxor I Prince of Monteleone. Married Barbara Marianna Piatti (1732-1814) V Princess of Monteleone, daughter of Ludovico Piatti, II Prince of Monteleone.
  • Antonio Maria Erba Odescalchi (1750-1832) IV Marquess of Mondonico, II Prince of Monteleone. Napoleonic Count of the Kingdom of Italy.
  • Luigi ErbaOdescalchi (1790-1871) V Marquess of Mondonico, III Prince of Monteleone.
  • Alessandro Erba-Odescalchi (1791-1872) VI Marquess of Mondonico, IV Prince of Monteleone.
  • Innocenzo Erba Odescalchi (1821-1903) VII Marquess of Mondonico, V Prince of Monteleone.
  • Hugo Janos Erba Odescalchi (1842-1919) VIII Marquess of Mondonico, VI Prince of Monteleone.

Princes Odescalchi of the Holy Roman Empire

Dukes of Bracciano, Sirmium and Ceri



Baldassarre Odescalchi (1683-1746) I Prince Odescalchi

  • Baldassarre Odescalchi (1683-1746) I Prince Odescalchi, younger son of Antonio Maria Erba-Odescalchi, I Marquess of Mondonico. Married Flaminia Borghese (1692 - 1718) daughter of Marcantonio III Borghese, III Prince of Sulmona.

Livio Odescalchi (1725-1804) II Prince Odescalchi

  • Livio Odescalchi (1725-1804) II Prince Odescalchi. Married Maria Vittoria Corsini (1732 - 1797) daughter of Filippo Corsini, II Prince of Sismano.

Baldassarre Odescalchi (1748-1810) III Prince Odescalchi

  • Baldassarre Odescalchi (1748-1810) III Prince Odescalchi. Married Caterina Valeria Giustiniani (1761 - 1813) daughter of Benedetto Giustiniani, Prince of Bassano.
  • Innocenzo Odescalchi (1778-1833) IV Prince Odescalchi.
  • Livio Odescalchi (1805-1885) V Prince Odescalchi.
  • Baldassarre Odescalchi (1844-1909) VI Prince Odescalchi.
  • Innocenzo Odescalchi (1883-1953) VII Prince Odescalchi.
  • Livio Odescalchi (1913-1981) VIII Prince Odescalchi.
  • Ladislao Odescalchi (1920-2000) IX Prince Odescalchi.
  • Carlo Odescalchi (b. 1954) X Prince Odescalchi



Cardinal Benedetto Erba Odescalchi (1679-1740)

  • Cardinal Benedetto Erba Odescalchi (1679-1740) Archbishop of Milan, son of Antonio Maria Erba-Odescalchi, I Marquess of Mondonico.


Cardinal Antonio Maria Erba Odescalchi (1712-1762)

  • Cardinal Antonio Maria Erba Odescalchi (1712-1762) Titular Archbishop of Nicea, son of Alessandro Erba-Odescalchi, II Marquess of Mondonico.

Cardinal Carlo Odescalchi S.J (1785 - 1841)

  • Cardinal Carlo Odescalchi S.J (1785 - 1841) Archbishop of Ferrara, son of Baldassarre Odescalchi, III Prince Odescalchi. Knight of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta.

The Venerable Giorgio Odescalchi (1564 - 1620)

  • The Venerable Giorgio Odescalchi (1564 - 1620) Bishop of Alexandria, Bishop of Vigevano.

Giulio Maria Odescalchi O.S.B (d.1666)

  • Giulio Maria Odescalchi O.S.B (d.1666) Bishop of Novara, brother of Pope Innocent XI.