House of Booth

Booth of Dunham Massey in the Baronetage of England (1611–1797)

Barons Delamer of Dunham Massey in the Peerage of England, first creation (1661–1758)

Earls of Warrington in the Peerage of England, first creation (1694–1770)


Booth of Dunham Massey

  • Sir George Booth, 1st Baronet (1566–1652)


Barons Delamer

  • Sir George Booth, 2nd Baronet, 1st Baron Delamer (1622–1684)


1st Earl of Warrington

  • Henry Booth, 1st Earl of Warrington, 2nd Baron Delamer  (1652–1694)


2nd Earl of Warrington

  • George Booth, 2nd Earl of Warrington (1675–1758) On the death of the 2nd Earl of Warrington the Earldom of Warrington became extinct and the Barony of Delamer passed to his cousin and heir male, Nathaniel Booth. In 1796 his grandson, George Harry Grey, 5th Earl of Stamford, was created Baron Delamer and Earl of Warrington.
  • Nathaniel Booth, 4th Baron Delamer (1709–1770)
  • Sir George Booth, 6th Baronet (1724–1797) Baronetcy dormant on his death.