House of Hatton

House of Hatton


Sir Christopher Hatton KG

  • Sir Christopher Hatton KG (1540–1591), Lord Chancellor of England

Barons Hatton of Kirby in the Peerage of England (1643–1762)
Viscounts Hatton of Gretton in the Peerage of England (1683–1762)


Viscounts Hatton

  • Christopher Hatton, 1st Baron Hatton (1605–1670), a relation and heir of Sir Christopher Hatton KG (1540–1591).
  • Christopher Hatton, 1st Viscount Hatton, 2nd Baron Hatton (1632–1706)
  • William Seton Hatton, 2nd Viscount Hatton (1690–1760)
  • Henry Charles Hatton, 3rd Viscount Hatton (c. 1700–1762)