House of King (Ireland)

Barons Kingston of Kingston in the Peerage of Ireland, First creation (1660-1761)


Barons Kingston of Kingston

  • John King, 1st Baron Kingston (died 1676) Elder brother of Sir Robert King of Boyle Abbey, 1st Baronet
  • Robert King, 2nd Baron Kingston (died 1693)
  • John King, 3rd Baron Kingston (c. 1664–1728)
  • James King, 4th Baron Kingston (1693–1761)

King of Boyle Abbey in the Baronetage of Ireland (1682)

Baron Kingsborough in the Peerage of Ireland (1748–1755)

Barons Kingston of Rockingham in the Peerage of Ireland, Second creation (1764)

Viscounts Kingsborough of Kingsborough in the Peerage of Ireland (1766)

Earls of Kingston in the Peerage of Ireland (1768)

Barons Kingston of Mitchelstown in the Peerage of the United Kingdom (1821-1869)

Viscounts Lorton in the Peerage of Ireland (1806, from 1869)


King of Boyle Abbey

  • Sir Robert King, 1st Baronet (died 1707)
  • Sir John King, 2nd Baronet (died 1720)
  • Sir Henry King, 3rd Baronet (died 1740)


Baron Kingsborough

  • Sir Robert King, 1st Baron Kingsborough, 4th Baronet (1724–1755)


Earls of Kingston

  • Edward King, 1st Earl of Kingston, 1st Viscount Kingsborough of Kingsborough, 1st Baron Kingston of Rockingham, 5th Baronet (1726–1797)
  • Robert King, 2nd Earl of Kingston (1754–1799)
  • George King, 3rd Earl of Kingston, 1st Baron Kingston of Mitchelstown (1771–1839)
  • Robert Henry King, 4th Earl of Kingston, 2nd Baron Kingston of Mitchelstown (1796–1867)
  • James King, 5th Earl of Kingston, 3rd Baron Kingston of Mitchelstown (1800–1869) On his death the United Kingdom Barony of Kingston became extinct.
  • Robert King, 6th Earl of Kingston (1804–1869)
  • Robert Edward King, 7th Earl of Kingston (1831–1871)


8th Earl of Kingston onwards

  • Henry Ernest Newcomen King  later King-Tenison, 8th Earl of Kingston (1848–1896) Married Florence Margaret Christine Tenison (1845- 1907), 2nd daughter and eventually sole heiress of Lt Col Edward King-Tenison.
  • Henry Edwyn King-Tenison, 9th Earl of Kingston (1874–1946)
  • Robert Henry Ethelbert King-Tenison, 10th Earl of Kingston (1897–1948)
  • Barclay Robert Edwin King-Tenison, 11th Earl of Kingston (1943–2002)
  • Robert Charles Henry King-Tenison, 12th Earl of Kingston (born 1969)

Barons Erris of Boyle in the Peerage of Ireland (1800)

Viscounts Lorton of Boyle in the Peerage of Ireland (1806)


Viscounts Lorton

  • Robert Edward King, 1st Viscount Lorton, 1st Baron Erris of Boyle (1773–1854)
  • Robert King, 2nd Viscount Lorton, 6th Earl of Kingston (1804–1869) See above