House of Lennard


Earl of Sussex

Barons Dacre in the Peerage of England (1321, from 1612, abeyant 1715, abeyance terminated 1741, to 1786)

Earl of Sussex in the Peerage of England (1674-1715)


Sampson Lennard


12th Baron Dacre

  • Henry Lennard, 12th Baron Dacre (1570–1616)
  • Richard Lennard, 13th Baron Dacre (1596–1630)


14th Baron Dacre

  • Francis Lennard, 14th Baron Dacre (1619–1662) married Elizabeth Bayning, Countess of Sheppey, daughter of Paul Bayning, 1st Viscount Bayning, who in 1680 was created Countess of Sheppey for life.


1st Earl of Sussex

  • Thomas Lennard, 1st Earl of Sussex, 15th Baron Dacre (1654–1715) Married Lady Anne FitzRoy (1661-1722) illegitimate daughter of King Charles II by his mistress The Hon.Barbara Villiers later Palmer, Duchess of Cleveland, only daughter and heiress of William Villiers, 2nd Viscount Grandison, by his wife The Hon. Mary Bayning, 3rd daughter of Paul Bayning, 1st Viscount Bayning.

On his death in 1715 the Earldom of Sussex became extinct and the Barony of Dacre fell into abeyance between his two daughters, Lady Barbara Skelton and Lady Anne Lennard.  On the death in 1741 of the elder daughter without issue the barony devolved upon her younger sister.


16th Baroness Dacre


Richard Barrett Esq.


8th Baron Teynham

  • Anne Lennard, 16th Baroness Dacre (1684–1755) married three times, firstly to Richard Barrett (1682-1716) (descended from a younger son of 13th Baron Dacre who changed his name to Barrett under the terms of the will of his 2nd cousin, once removed, Sir Edward Barrett, 1st Lord Barret of Newburgh), secondly to Henry Roper, 8th Baron Teynham, and thirdly to the Hon. Robert Moore, son of Henry Moore, 3rd Earl of Drogheda.


17th Baron Dacre

  • Thomas Barrett-Lennard, 17th Baron Dacre (1717–1786)

Barrett-Lennard of Belhus in the Baronetage of the United Kingdom (1801)


Barrett-Lennard of Belhus

  • Sir Thomas Barrett-Lennard, 1st Baronet (1761–1857) illegitimate son and heir of Thomas Barrett-Lennard, 17th Baron Dacre.
  • Sir Thomas Barrett-Lennard, 2nd Baronet (1826-1919)
  • Sir Thomas Barrett-Lennard, 3rd Baronet (1853–1923)
  • Sir Richard Fiennes Barrett-Lennard, 4th Baronet (1861–1934)
  • Sir (Thomas) Richard Fiennes Barrett-Lennard, 5th Baronet (1898–1977)
  • Sir Hugh Dacre Barrett-Lennard, 6th Baronet (1917-2007) Catholic Priest
  • Sir Richard Fynes Barrett-Lennard, 7th Baronet (b. 1941)

Lennard of West Wickham in the Baronetage of England (1642–1727)


Lennard of West Wickham

  • Sir Stephen Lennard, 1st Baronet (c. 1604–1680)
  • Sir Stephen Lennard, 2nd Baronet (1637–1709)
  • Sir Samuel Lennard, 3rd Baronet (1672–1727)

Lord Barrett of Newburgh in the Peerage of Scotland (1627–1645)

Barrett of Newburgh in the Baronetage of Nova Scotia (1628–1645)


Lord Barrett of Newburgh

  • Sir Edward Barrett, 1st Lord Barrett of Newburgh, 1st Baronet (1581–1645) Unique honours as he recieved the baronetcy after the peerage.