House of Taylour

Taylor of Kells in the Baronetage of Ireland (1704)

Barons Headfort of Headfort in the Peerage of Ireland (1760)

Viscounts Headfort in the Peerage of Ireland (1762)

Earls of Bective in the Peerage of Ireland (1766)

Marquesses of Headfort in the Peerage of Ireland (1800)

Barons Kenlis of Kenlis in the Peerage of the United Kingdom (1831)


Taylor of Kells

  • Sir Thomas Taylor, 1st Baronet (1662–1736)
  • Sir Thomas Taylor, 2nd Baronet (1686–1757)


1st Earl of Bective KP

  • Sir Thomas Taylor 1st Earl of Bective, 1st Viscount Headfort, 1st Baron Headfort, 3rd Baronet KP (1724–1795) married The Hon. Jane Rowley (d. 1818), 1st daughter of Hercules Langford Rowley MP by his wife Elizabeth Ormsby Upton, 1st Viscountess Langford, daughter and heiress of Clotworthy Upton. Founding Knight of St Patrick.


Marquesses of Headfort

  • Thomas Taylour, 1st Marquess of Headfort, 2nd Earl of Bective KP (1757–1829) married Mary Quin (1758-1842), only daughter and heiress of George Quin, of Quinsborough.
  • Thomas Taylour, 2nd Marquess of Headfort, 1st Baron Kenlis KP (1787–1870)
  • Thomas Taylour, 3rd Marquess of Headfort KP (1822–1894)
  • Geoffrey Thomas Taylour, 4th Marquess of Headfort (1878–1943)
  • Terence Geoffrey Thomas Taylour, 5th Marquess of Headfort (1902–1960)
  • Thomas Geoffrey Charles Michael Taylour, 6th Marquess of Headforts (1932–2005)
  • Thomas Michael Ronald Christopher Taylour, 7th Marquess of Headfort, 8th Earl of Bective, 8th Viscount Headfort, 8th Baron Headfort, 6th Baron Kenlis, 10th Baronet (b. 1959)

Barons Langford of Summerhill in the Peerage of Ireland (1800)


1st to 8th Barons Langford

  • Clotworthy Taylor later Rowley, 1st Baron Langford (1763–1825) fourth son of Thomas Taylor, 1st Earl of Bective. Married his cousin Frances Rowley (1775- 1860) only daughter and heiress of The Hon. Clotworthy Rowley, second son of Hercules Langford Rowley and Elizabeth Upton, 1st Viscountess Langford.  He succeeded to the Rowley estates in 1796 and assumed the same year by Royal licence the surname of Rowley in lieu of Taylor.
  • Hercules Langford Rowley, 2nd Baron Langford (1795–1839)
  • Wellington William Robert Rowley, 3rd Baron Langford (1824–1854)
  • Hercules Edward Rowley, 4th Baron Langford (1848–1919)
  • John Hercules William Rowley, 5th Baron Langford (1894–1922)
  • William Chambre Rowley, 6th Baron Langford (1849–1931)
  • Clotworthy Wellington Thomas Edward Rowley, 7th Baron Langford (1885–1952)
  • Arthur Sholto Langford Rowley, 8th Baron Langford (1870–1953)


9th and 10th Barons Langford

  • Geoffrey Alexander Rowley-Conwy, 9th Baron Langford (1912–2017) descended from the 2nd Baron Langford whose grandson married the heiress general of the Conway baronets of Bodrythan.
  • Owain Grenville Rowley-Conwy, 10th Baron Langford (b. 1958)

Viscounts Langford in the Peerage of Ireland (1766–1796)


1st Viscountess Langford

  • Elizabeth Rowley nee Upton, 1st Viscountess Langford and Baroness of Summerhill (1713–1791) the daughter of Clotworthy Upton and Jane Ormsby. Married Hercules Langford Rowley.


2nd Viscount Langford

  • Hercules Rowley, 2nd Viscount Langford (1737–1796)

Langford of Kilmackedrett in the Baronetage of Ireland (1667–1725)


Langford of Kilmackedrett

  • Sir Hercules Langford, 1st Baronet (c. 1625–1683) Mary, daughter of the first Baronet, married Sir John Rowley. Their grandson Hercules Langford Rowley married Elizabeth Upton, who was created Viscountess Langford.
  • Sir Arthur Langford, 2nd Baronet (c. 1652–1716)
  • Sir Henry Langford, 3rd Baronet (c. 1656–1725)

Conway of Bodrythan in the Baronetage of England (1660–1721)


Conway of Bodrythan

  • Sir Henry Conway, 1st Baronet (1635–1669)
  • Sir John Conway, 2nd Baronet (c. 1663–1721)