House of Stopford

Baron Courtown in the Peerage of Ireland (1758)
Earls of Courtown in the Peerage of Ireland (1762)
Baron Salterford in the Peerage of Great Britain (1796)


Earls of Courtown

  • James Stopford, 1st Earl of Courtown, Viscount Stopford, 1st Baron Courtown (1700–1770)
  • James Stopford, 2nd Earl of Courtown, 1st Baron Salterford KP (1731–1810)
  • James George Stopford, 3rd Earl of Courtown KP (1765–1835)
  • James Thomas Stopford, 4th Earl of Courtown (1794–1858)
  • James George Henry Stopford, 5th Earl of Courtown (1823–1914)
  • James Walter Milles Stopford, 6th Earl of Courtown (1853–1933)
  • James Richard Neville Stopford, 7th Earl of Courtown (1877–1957)
  • James Montagu Burgoyne Stopford, 8th Earl of Courtown (1908–1975)
  • James Patrick Montagu Burgoyne Winthrop Stopford, 9th Earl of Courtown, 9th Viscount Stopford, 9th Baron Courtown, 8th Baron Saltersford (b. 1954)

Stopford Sackville of Drayton


Stopford Sackville of Drayton

  • William Bruce Stopford Sackville (1806-1872), grandson of James Stopford, 2nd Earl of Courtown married Caroline Harriet Sackville (d.1908), daughter of Hon. George Sackville (1770-1836), second son of George Germain, 1st Viscount Sackville (1716–1785). They inherited the Drayton estate in 1843 on the death of her uncle Charles Sackville-Germain, 5th Duke of Dorset and changed the name to Sackville in 1870.