Jacobite Peerage

The Jacobite Peerage

Dukes in the peerage of Ireland

  • Duke of Tyrconnell, Marquess of Tyrconnell (1689-1691), Earl of Tyrconnell, Viscount Baltinglass, Baron of Talbotstown (1685). Talbot.
  • Duke of Mar, Marquess Erskine or Marquess of Stirling, Earl of Kildrummie, Viscount of Garioch and Lord Alloa, Ferriton and Forrest (1715), Earl of Mar, Lord Erskine (c.1114) or (1565), Erskine.

Earls in the peerage of Ireland

  • Earl of Lucan, Baron Rosberry(1691-1718). Sarsfield.
  • Earl of Newcastle (1692-1740), Viscount Galmoy (1646). Butler.
  • Earl of Browne, Baron Mountany(1726-1803), Count von Browne of the Holy Roman Empire. Browne.
  • Earl of Moenmoyne, Viscount of Ballymole, Baron of Tollendally (1746-1830), Comte de Lally, Baron de Tollendal (France 1755), Marquis de Lally-Tollendal (France 1815). Lally.
  • Earl Walsh, (1745-1884). Walsh.
  • Earl of Lismore, Viscount Tallow, Baron Castle Lyons(1746-1780). O'Brien.