Jacobite Peerage

The Jacobite Peerage

Dukes in the peerage of Scotland

  • Duke of Melfort, Marquess of Forth, Earl of Isla and Burtisland, Viscount of Rickerton and Lord Castlemains and Galston(1692-1902), Earl of Melfort, Viscount of Forth and Lord Drummond of Riccartoun, Castlemains and Gilstoun (1686), Drummond.
  • Duke of Perth, Marquess of Drummond, Earl of Stobhall, Viscount Cargill, and Baron Concraig (1716–1853), Earl of Perth (1605), Lord Drummond of Cargill (1488), Lord Drummond of Stobhall (1605), Drummond.
  • Duke of Mar, Marquess Erskine or Marquess of Stirling, Earl of Kildrummie, Viscount of Garioch and Lord Alloa, Ferriton and Forrest (1715), Earl of Mar, Lord Erskine (c.1114) or (1565), Erskine.
  • Duke of Rannoch, Marquess of Blair, Earl of Glen Tilt, Viscount of Glenshie, and Lord Strathbran (1717), Duke of Atholl, Marquess of Tullibardine, Earl of Strathtay and Strathardle (1703), Earl of Tullibardine (1629 and 1676), Viscount of Balquhidder (1676), Lord Murray of Tullibardine (1604), and Lord Murray, Balvenie and Gask (1676). Murray.
  • Duke of Saint Andrews and Castelbianco, Marquess of Borland, Earl of Fordan, Viscount of the Bass, and Lord Divron (1717-1722), Count of Castelbianco (Spain), de Rozas.
  • Duke of Inverness, Earl of Inverness, Viscount of Innerpaphrie, Lord Cromlix and Erne (1727-1740). Hay of Cromlix.
  • Duke of Fraser, Marquess of Beaufort, Earl of Stratherrick and Upper Tarf, Viscount of the Aird and Strathglass and Lord Lovat and Beaulieu (1740-1815), Lords Lovat (1458). Fraser.

Marquesses in the peerage of Scotland

  • Marquess of Seaforth, (1690-1815), Earl of Seaforth (1623), Lords Mackenzie of Kintail (1609). Mackenzie.
  • Marquess of Kenmure (1707-1847), Viscount of Kenmure, Lord Lochinvar (1633). Gordon.


Earls in the peerage of Scotland

  • Earl of Dunbar, Lord Haldykes (1721), Viscount of Stormont ( 1621), Lord Scone ( 1605) and Lord Balvaird ( 1641). Later Earl of Mansfield (1776) and Earl of Mansfield (1792). Murray.
  • Earl Dillon, Viscount Dillon, (1721), Count Dillon (France 1711), Viscount Dillon (1622). Dillon.
  • Earl of Nairne, Viscount of Stanley (1721), Lord Nairne (1681), Later Earl of Dunmore, Viscount of Fincastle, Lord Murray of Blair, Moulin and Tillimet (1686). Murray.
  • Earl of Alford, Viscount of Falkirk, Lord Newton (1760-1773), Graeme.