House of Bennet

Barons Ossulston in the Peerage of England (1682)

Earls of Tankerville in the Peerage of Great Britain (1714)


Barons Ossulston

  • John Bennet, 1st Baron Ossulston (1618–1695)


Earls of Tankerville

  • Charles Bennet, 1st Earl of Tankerville, 2nd Baron Ossulston KT (1674–1722) married Lady Mary Grey (d. 1710) only daughter and heiress of Ford Grey, 1st Earl of Tankerville.
  • Charles Bennet, 2nd Earl of Tankerville KT (1697-1753)
  • Charles Bennet, 3rd Earl of Tankerville (1716–1767)
  • Charles Bennet, 4th Earl of Tankerville (1743–1822)
  • Charles Augustus Bennet, 5th Earl of Tankerville (1776–1859)
  • Charles Augustus Bennet, 6th Earl of Tankerville, 7th Baron Ossulston (1810–1899) summoned to Parliament in 1859 in his father's Barony of Ossulston.
  • George Montagu Bennet, 7th Earl of Tankerville (1852–1931)
  • Charles Augustus Ker Bennet, 8th Earl of Tankerville (1897–1971)
  • Charles Augustus Grey Bennet, 9th Earl of Tankerville (1921–1980)
  • Peter Grey Bennet, 10th Earl of Tankerville (b. 1956)

Barons Arlington in the Peerage of England (1664, abeyant 1936-1999)

Earls of Arlington in the Peerage of England (1672, abeyant 1936)


  • Henry Bennet, 1st Earl of Arlington, Viscount Thetford, 1st Baron Arlington KG (1618-1685) younger brother of John Bennet, 1st Baron Ossulston. Barony Arlington of Arlington created with remainder, failing his issue male, to the heirs of his body. Barony Arlington of Arlington, Viscount Thetford of Thetford, and Earl of Arlington, created with a similar remainder, and in default of heirs of his body, to his brother Sir John Bennet (later 1st Baron Ossulston) and the heirs male of his body.
  • Isabella FitzRoy, née Bennet, Duchess of Grafton, 2nd Countess of Arlington (c. 1668–1723) married Henry FitzRoy, 1st Duke of Grafton. The Earldom of Arlington, the Viscountcy of Thetford and the two Baronies of Arlington were held by the Dukes of Grafton from 1722 until 1936.
  • Jennifer Jane Forwood, 11th Baroness Arlington (b. 1939) (abeyance terminated 1999)granddaughter of 8th Duke of Grafton. The 1664 Barony of Arlington of Arlington only was terminated in her favour.

Bennet of Bechampton in the Baronetage of England (1627-1631)


 Bennet of Bechampton

  • Sir Simon Bennet, 1st Baronet (c. 1584-1631)

Bennet of Babraham in the Baronetage of England (1660-1701)


Bennet of Babraham

  • Sir Thomas Bennet, 1st Baronet (c. 1597–1667)
  • Sir Levinus Bennet, 2nd Baronet (1631–1693)
  • Sir Richard Bennet, 3rd Baronet (1673–1701)