House of Cavendish (Devonshire)

House of Cavendish

Sir John Cavendish of Cavendish (c. 1346–1381), Chief Justice of the King's Bench, founder of the Cavendish family.



Sir William Cavendish
(1505– 1557), great-grandson of Sir John Cavendish and 2nd husband of Bess of Hardwick.

Baron Cavendish of Hardwick in the Peerage of England (1605)
Earls of Devonshire in the Peerage of England (1618)
Dukes of Devonshire in the Peerage of England (1694)
Barons Clifford in the Peerage of England (1628, from 1754-1858 into abeyance )


Earls of Devonshire

  • William Cavendish, (1552–1626) 1st Earl of Devonshire, 1st Baron Cavendish of Hardwick.
  • William Cavendish, (1591–1628) 2nd Earl of Devonshire
  • William Cavendish, (1617–1684) 3rd Earl of Devonshire


1st Duke of Devonshire KG

  • William Cavendish, (1640–1707) 1st Duke of Devonshire, Marquess of Hartington, 4th Earl of Devonshire KG.


2nd Duke of Devonshire KG

  • William Cavendish, (1673–1729) 2nd Duke of Devonshire KG.


3rd Duke of Devonshire KG

  • William Cavendish, (1698–1755) 3rd Duke of Devonshire KG.


4th Duke of Devonshire KG

  • William Cavendish, (1720–1764) 4th Duke of Devonshire KG. Married Lady Charlotte Elizabeth Boyle, Baroness Clifford (1731-1754), only daughter and heiress of Richard Boyle, 4th Earl of Cork and 3rd Earl of Burlington, KG. He was summoned to Parliament in 1751 in his father's Barony of Cavendish of Hardwick.


5th Duke of Devonshire KG

  • William Cavendish, (1748–1811) 5th Duke of Devonshire, 7th Baron Clifford KG. Succeeded his mother in 1754 as 7th Baron Clifford.


6th Duke of Devonshire KG

  • William George Spencer Cavendish, (1790–1858) 6th Duke of Devonshire, 8th Baron Clifford, KG. On his death the Barony of Clifford (created by writ 1627) fell into abeyance between his two sisters, Lady Georgiana Dorothy Howard, Dowager Countess of Carlisle, and Lady Henrietta Elizabeth Granville, Dowager Countess Granville.


7th and 8th Duke of Devonshire KG

  • William Cavendish, (1808–1891) 7th Duke of Devonshire, 2nd Earl of Burlington KG.
  • Spencer Compton Cavendish, (1833–1908) 8th Duke of Devonshire KG.


9th Duke of Devonshire onwards

  • Victor Christian William Cavendish, (1868–1938) 9th Duke of Devonshire KG.
  • Edward William Spencer Cavendish, (1895–1950) 10th Duke of Devonshire KG.
  • Andrew Robert Buxton Cavendish, (1920–2004) 11th Duke of Devonshire KG.
  • Peregrine Andrew Mornay Cavendish, (b. 1944) 12th Duke of Devonshire and Marquess of Hartington, 15th Earl of Devonshire and Baron Cavendish of Hardwick, 7th Earl of Burlington and Baron Cavendish of Keighley KCVO.

Earls of Burlington in the Peerage of the United Kingdom (1831)


1st Earl of Burlington

  • George Augustus Henry Cavendish, (1760-1834) 1st Earl of Burlington, Baron Cavendish of Keighley, third son of the 4th Duke of Devonshire and the former Lady Charlotte Boyle, a daughter of the 3rd Earl of Burlington.
  • William Cavendish, (1808–1891) 2nd Earl of Burlington later 7th Duke of Devonshire

Barons Chesham in the Peerage of the United Kingdom (1858)


Barons Chesham


  • Charles Compton Cavendish, (1793–1863) 1st Baron Chesham, fourth son of George Cavendish, 1st Earl of Burlington, third son of William Cavendish, 4th Duke of Devonshire.
  • William George Cavendish, (1815–1882) 2nd Baron Chesham
  • Charles Compton William Cavendish, (1850–1907) 3rd Baron Chesham
  • John Compton Cavendish, (1894–1952) 4th Baron Chesham
  • John Charles Compton Cavendish, (1916–1989) 5th Baron Chesham
  • Nicholas Charles Cavendish, (1941-2009) 6th Baron Chesham
  • Charles Grey Compton Cavendish, (b.1974) 7th Baron Chesham

Cavendish of Doveridge Hall in the Baronetage of Great Britain (1755)
Barons Waterpark in the Peerage of Ireland (1792)


Cavendish of Doveridge Hall

  • Sir Henry Cavendish, 1st Baronet (1707–1776), (1707–1776), descended from Henry Cavendish, illegitimate son of Henry Cavendish, of Tutbury Priory, the eldest son of Sir William Cavendish by his wife Bess of Hardwick.
  • Sir Henry Cavendish, 2nd Baronet (1732–1804)


1st Baroness Waterpark

  • Sarah Cavendish nee Bradshaw, (1740–1807) 1st Baroness Waterpark, in honour of her husband Sir Henry Cavendish, 2nd Baronet.


Barons Waterpark

  • Richard Cavendish, (1765–1830) 2nd Baron Waterpark and 3rd Baronet
  • Henry Manners Cavendish, (1793–1863) 3rd Baron Waterpark
  • Henry Anson Cavendish, (1839–1912) 4th Baron Waterpark
  • Charles Frederick Cavendish, (1883–1932) 5th Baron Waterpark
  • Henry Sheppard Hart Cavendish, (1876–1948) 6th Baron Waterpark
  • Frederick Caryll Phillip Cavendish,(1926–2013) 7th Baron Waterpark
  • Roderick Alexander Cavendish, (born 1959) 8th Baron Waterpark

Clifford of the Navy in the Baronetage ofthe United Kingdom (1838-1895)


Clifford of the Navy

  • Sir Augustus William James Clifford, 1st Baronet (1788-1877), illegitimate son of William Cavendish, 5th Duke of Devonshire and Lady Elizabeth Foster (1759–1824).
  • Sir William John Cavendish Clifford, 2nd Baronet (1814-1882)
  • Sir Robert Cavendish Spencer Clifford, 3rd Baronet (1815-1892)
  • Sir Charles Cavendish Clifford, 4th Baronet (1821-1895)